Heights Vinyl Open Mic Night w/ Britani Washington !!!

There’s a reason why Musicians and Singers should stop into Open Mic spots often…especially ones where Actively Touring Artists randomly drop in. Because, you never know when someone’s Backup Singer or Guitar Player is sick and they need someone to fill in the next couple Tour Spots.

Or…you could stay home, because you are tired or something. That could work as well! #sarcasm #toughlove #craigtbrown #useitorloseithtx

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Come Spin With Us

Open decks for any and all humans+. Bring stuff you wanna spin or one’s you intend to buy in the store. You are also more than welcome to bring your own set up and plug into our system. CDJs also welcome. You don’t have to spin wax… but it’d be cooler if ya did.😎 12-6pm

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BYOB Tuesdays – Open Mic Jam Session


BYOB. No Sign in sheets. No cover. No time limits. Open jam session for ALL forms of musicians and performers. Singers, Rappers, Poets, Instrumentalists (and we’ve been waiting for a comedian to come in one of these days just to see how it would work, lol.) Things begin at 9pm but don’t get interesting until 10:30ish.

This is a good opportunity for up and coming, as well as professional, musicians to get out of their comfort zone and try something different in a positive and creative environment. Bring yo talent. Bring yo wine. But most importantly bring yoself.😎

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Flash Gordon Parks on 90.1 KPFT

Craig is looking forward to Waxing Poetic with The Man, The Myth, The Legend…Flash Gordon Parks on his new Weekly 90.1 KPFT Show this coming Wed 19th 9:00pm. Tune in as we Chat up HTX. @flashgparks @kpfthouston @htxsweet_t @zoelibero #houstonmusic #houstonmusicscene #listenhouston #musicmentorship #htxdjlegend #htxrecordstore #houstonrecordstore #useitorloseithtx

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