1 Yr Anniversary

I personally just wanted to thank everyone for showing up to our 1yr Anniversary and more importantly, supporting us in the past year. Without you, we’re not still here right now. Without you, we wouldn’t be already expanding the store. Without you, we wouldn’t be planning bigger things for 2013 that I hope will do our part supporting the Houston Creative Community.

There’s a fresh new vibe in Houston…I don’t know if the rest of you feel it, but it’s not something I EVER would have thought I’d feel when I left Houston 15 yrs ago.

It’s a selfless community, picking itself and others around them for greater goals. It’s connections for connections sake. It’s collaboration…it’s palatable.

I feel like we are at another one of those turning points in Houston history. Another grassroots ‘uplifting’ of community…and that all teeters on you. The people of Houston.

So…I’m off the soapbox now and done feeling sentimental. But the Energy is real. I wouldn’t live in another place right now.

Thank you Houston, for my best Birthday ever.

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