Local Punk from the ’90s

If you were around the ’90s music scene in Houston, then you probably agree these were only a handful of the exciting punk bands that would invade & thrash local establishments we all knew and loved: Emo’s, Zelda’s (Fitz-Lower Level), The Oven (now Mango’s) & Mary Jane’s (who the hell knows what its called now..Pearl Bar?) — Anyways, back to punk in the 90’s.. Check out the links below to discover or relive the ’90s Texas music scene and feel free to submit any suggestions to this list (it’s not complete):

The Chumps

The Chumps, Austin, TX

Teen Cool

Teen Cool, Urgencies, Pure Rubbish, Austin Houston, Punk

The Reclusives

The Motards

Pure Rubbish

Pure Rubbish, Teen Cool, Derek Dunivan, Urgencies, Houston, Punk

Pure Rubbish – Degenerated

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