MORE than Just a Record Store…


In the 1st Interview done by Store Owner Craig T Brown, he stated that, “the Record Store could be making money in a year from now, but if we’re not providing the Experience I hope to achieve, I’ll shut it down and do something else”.

This says a lot about Heights Vinyl as a reflection of its owners core beliefs. Craig had spent the past 15yrs working for some of the top design Agencies and Technology company’s in the World as a Senior UX (User Experience) Designer and Creative Director. Authenticity…Honesty…Relationships. Craig believes a successful company can not only live, but flourish under these Principals. And although spending a lifetime arguing for the rights of Technology USERS (and losing most) had chipped away at his desire to work in the industry anymore, that core manifesto lives in every part of HEIGHTS VINYL.

Craig has been quoted as “You don’t start a Record Store to be rich. It’s based on a passion. A passion that Music should live and breath. Not just act as a commodity to be traded and discarded. There’s a pendulum adjustment happening. Our music is fast becoming transient and discardable. Creating a place where music lovers and would-be music lovers have a place to talk music, share music and be educated on the equipment with NO preconceived arrogance or ego.” The staff at Heights Vinyl LOVES to show people how to simply place a needle on the record. This is a new convert….it’s exciting!

Craig likes to say “I don’t sell, I educate…I don’t want people to spend money they don’t have. I’m VERY budget conscious. Just give them knowledge and let them make the best decision for themselves. Deception…manipulation…It’s short sighted. I believe the things we sell are worth it. Vintage equipment can give you a sound many have never heard. And often for Hundreds of Dollars instead of Thousands. And I hope thats what people see when the come into Heights Vinyl! Trust. Authenticity, honesty, and trust.”

“I get happy when we have a good sales day. I can pay my steller employees, maybe a bonus. I can think about what we can we do next! What exciting things can we offer to Houston’s new, opportunistic creative scene. One that is no longer drained by it’s Sister City to the West. A city that is ripe for the “Next Big Thing”.

“This has been a hell of a lot harder work than I EVER expected. It’s pushed me to my limits at times…but it’s when we hear those customers walk out that door with some Records in hand and say ‘man…that was a really cool place’. I get goosebumps every time. And its just the thing that keeps the motor running”

So with a haggard crew, half empty bins and an excitement from the Houston community we could have never dreamed of, Heights Vinyl opened its doors on December 10th 2011…just in time for Christmas shopping. In that time our product lines have diversified 10 fold, we expanded into another 800sq ft and Won the Houston Presses 2012 “Best Vinyl Store” Award.

In the end..all we can say is “Thank You Houston”. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Best,Team Heights Vinyl



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