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Your Existing Music Equipment might just need some luvin’ 

Maybe you don’t need a new Turntable right now…maybe yours just needs some love. Did those sweet vintage speakers you stole from your Dad start just “not sounding right”?

Fear not, Vinyl Junkies. We’re here to keep the music flowing.

Did you know that the majority of Vintage Turntables DO NOT have the original Cartridges on them? Somewhere along the line they often get changed and or upgraded. This means that purchasing a new needle based on what Turntable you have is, unfortunately  usually going to get you piece of plastic with a tiny diamond on it to put somewhere on a shelf.

Going online to find replacement Turntable parts is a roll of the dice. Trust us, we’ve learned that finding that right replacement Stylus for your Turntable is just as much an art as it is a science. Lucky for you, we’ve just about got it nailed.

We carry 1000’s of replacement needles, cartridges, belts, knobs, lights and other doohickeys IN-STORE. Our prices are fair and affordable, and if it’s something we can fix right there and then in front of you…no charge!

All of our repair work, just like our restored Equipment we sell, is under our 30 Day + Warranty. So, before you get a new Turntable, Receiver or pair of speakers, let’s see if the ones you do have just need a little tune-up first!